Société Francaise 201.

Dieser Bereich ist für die französischen Glühkopfschlepper aus dem Hause SFV vorgesehen.

Société Francaise 201.

Beitragvon patfinistere » 16.01.2007, 10:13

Excuse speaking in English, but as it is a new theme perhaps you will excuse me?
I am a collectioner of tractors and associated machinery, we have two Lanz (5506 and 2816 JD) and also 2 SFV 201. Although the two makes are basically the same, there are quite a lot of differences.

The smaller of the two makes are similar in weight, but the SF 201 is very much more compact than a Lanz, compare a 201 and 2416, both around 25 HP. The Lanz one has lots of room on the footplate, the 201 your knees are up around your ears!

The SFV has a strange 6 position gear lever with the gate going from north to south, a bit like the Lanz, but only one lever. The top of the H gate has, on the left 2nd on the right 3rd; middle gate, left reverse, right 1st; on the bottom gate, left 4th and right 5th.

One good thing is that the reverse is not too fast, with the 5506, even in low box, the reverse is dangerously fast, in top box, 17km/h Phew!!

SFV has three point linkage like the 24/28 series but all is internal, incorporated in the axle housing, the PTO and of course the hydraulic pump have 3 positions, 1, Direct from the engine; 2 disengaged; 3 controlled through the clutch, there is no draught control (Ferguson System).

The SFV has a simple govenor which does not have much effect on the lower speeds, it also has a strange 2 stage accellorator, One sets the general engine speed with a large lever on the right then use the hand throttle to regulate the speed in that speed range, why not just one lever or lever and foot pedal both working the same??

However, having said all this I do enjoy using the nippy little SF for harrowing etc, but on the road I prefer the Lanz.

Hope this will encourage others to add their findings of working with the two makes and share with us.

A couple of photos of our 2 SFV in working clothes.



Best wishes
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Re: Société Francaise 201.

Beitragvon jfk311 » 07.02.2011, 23:40

le 201 tres bon petit tracteur francais
ici en france il y'en a partout
ciao jf
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