Welcome to West Germany's vintage tractor club


Our goal is to to restore and display historic agricultural machinery. Every two years we arrange a so called "Erntefest" in Germany, which is a meeting of about 400 historic tractors.

Our members are not only interested in tractors and machinery made by "Lanz", but also in tractors made by other manufacturers, like Deutz, Claas, Hanomag, and so on. Everybody is welcome to join our club or use our website.

The internet as a communication platform helps us to get to know people who are interested in agricultural machinery from all over the world and not only from Germany. We know, that there are for instance many Bulldogs out there. The Bulldog you can see on the left came back to Germany from south africa a few years ago.

We want to help those people, who can't speak German with their German tractors.


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miscellaneous things:

E-Mail mail us the webdesigners in Deutsch bitte !