Contacts to Lanz-Bulldog-Verein "West" e.V.

Contacting the LANZ-Bulldog-Verein "West" e.V.

The executive board of the LBVW consists of the following persons:

President Frank Bongartz
Vice President Heinz Erdweg
Vice President Ulrike Berenz
Secretary Dieter Randerath
Substitutional Secretary Martina Holzweiler
Treasurer Maria Schneiders
Substitutional Treasurer Maria Cohnen
Youth Agent Karl-Heinz Cohnen
Caretaker Willibert Macherey
Press Relations Officer Thomas Dautzenberg

There are several ways to get in contact with the LANZ-Bulldog-Verein "West" e.V.: 

LANZ-Bulldog-Verein "West" e.V.
Neusser Strasse 52
52441 Linnich

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