Cylinder and piston 2016

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Cylinder and piston 2016

Beitragvon Boggy » 27.03.2006, 20:14

Hi guys

How wonderfull to find a English chatpage for LANCE enthusiasts.Well done.
Now someone can maybe help me.
My question! Is there anyone in the near of Frankfurt am Main who can
reliably advise me on, and then do the repair on my 2016? The cylinder is well worn, at least half of the first piston ring I found in peices in the exhaust pipe,and although by some miracle,both cylinder and piston escaped major damage,I beleive the piston must be replaced as the hard metal bearings in it are cracked.
The culprit in this case was a malfuntioning oil pump,which oddly enough a self proclaimed expert had assured me was OK.
Anyone with any ideas or advise over this repair is greatly welcome to reply.

Thanking you in advance,

Beitragvon patfinistere » 07.08.2006, 17:19

Hi, good to hear of a 2016, a little dream that I have to own one one day, I have a friend with a vinyard version, wow envy!!!

As you say it is good to have a board for English Lanz chat, lets hope others will come in and join in the game?

When you talk of the hard bearings do you mean the little end bearings? They may be replaceable without replacing the piston.
Check however the dimensions of the piston ovality etc before lashing out cash on another piston.

Rings are available, I found them for my 5506 off the shelf here in France. Keep us informed of your progress.

Best wishes
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