New Tractor and Post hole digging in limestone

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New Tractor and Post hole digging in limestone

Beitragvon RyanCaleb » 15.11.2017, 12:03


I am interested in finding an antique tractor and am just starting to really look into it. I have thought about Ford N series and Farmall M series as I seem to be able to find them relatively cheap. I want to tinker with it, restore it to some degree but not for show. I want to be able to add a PTO auger and put in post holes. Most of my friends that need them have limestone with a dusting of dirt on top for their ground. What tractor/implement would you all recommend that would fall into the antique category but still be useful to me for post hole digging?
I really appreciate any input.

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http://antiquetractorsforum.com/showthr ... -limestone

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