55ps eilbulldog

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55ps eilbulldog

Beitragvon HR9 » 21.03.2006, 19:20

55ps Eilbulldogs are being traded for 100k+ euro,why?

lets say a 55ps engine is worth 10k euro
another 10k euro for all the bodywork (new)
7k for everything inside the gearbox

you get 27000 euro, so the gearbox itself is worth 70000euro???

so how do following eilbulldogs compare in value? :

-original eilbulldog (engine, gearbox,bodywork) (the real thing)
-original eilbulldog (rebuild with original parts)
-original gearbox with a replcament engine and new bodywork (so a complete rebuild of an original machine?)

-original eilbulldog with a damaged gearbox (welded, cracked,...) (=schrott?)
-the previous one with the gearbox replaced with a new one but all the other parts original? (=replica bulldog or not?)
-a completely new eilbulldog (ackerluft engine with replica gearbox and all new bodywork) (=replica bulldog?)

They are all eilbulldogs, but not all with the same history, so what will the difference in value be?



PS: sorry for the english, german translation would be appreciated! think this wouldn't get the same attention in the english forum
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Beitragvon 1506! » 22.03.2006, 09:44

Hi there, hi “hr9”,

please think that the original hr9 enigine is different in some details comparing to a d1506 engine 55hp. The real value has “the real thing” following to your comment. Think that the “real” hr9 have the highest demand of an prestige object in a way, that have been copyed since a few years. No other lanz model will have "prestige" in that way. Its value is the price somebody likes to pay now. Maybe 20k, 100k or 300k?? If it’s a realistic thing nobody really knows. Is it realistic to pay 8.000.000,00 for a ferrari gto or mercedes sskl?? It’s finally only a question of prestige or not. To discuss those prices won’t make sense, it’s a stupid sensless thing.
Back to the “real” hr9’s, if the full vehicle is “original” with every part like comming from factory, engine papers, technical perfect with full options, history and so on it has highest value. Fitted, replaced or overhauled with more and more replica parts it becomes more and more a less interesting “replica”. A complete replica (everything brand new made) is calculated in kit form with everything you need to material costs of 50.000,00 to 55.000,00. If you start restoring think on limit 1000 hours work with a value of next 50.000,00 and finally you have a replica without any history, a brand new thing like a brand new mercedes, bmw or audi. I think finally every replika restorer or owner of a replica is telling himself a lie and still dreaming of the “real thing”. You'll see it if those people try to complete their 99% replica with 1% original parts and show on expositions "here see, it's original". Those kind of "enthusiasts" or "fanatics" show a brand new lanz mops from "year 2004 poland production" with a brand new engine number plate as a lanz mops from 1920 year. They are so stupid and don't know that the first original lanz mops have just been manufactured till the year 1923. let's dream further on an original!
Maybe a replica hr9 has the value of it’s material of 50k. With a view on the market of high valued classic cars perfect restored replicas where sold for 20-30% of the original’s price. Everybody should think about for himself to pay for what, it's everbody's own decision to be happy or not, to lie or not, to dream and so on :oops:

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