Movie with technical explanations for starting an 80-year ol

all the english stuff about Lanz Bulldog tractors

Movie with technical explanations for starting an 80-year ol

Beitragvon Darek » 18.02.2019, 00:13

Hi old-timer fans,

In the following YouTube movie:


I have added captions with technical explanations for starting a two-stroke hot-bulb engine. In the video you see the first start of an 80-year old German tractor ‘Lanz Bulldog’, which has stood unused for around 40 years. Such tractors were popular in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s before Heinrich Lanz A.G. factories were taken over by John Deere.

If you have comments regarding the technical details described in the captions, or the English language (as I am not native speaker) I would be grateful to hear them to help improve these captions.

Many thanks for your replies in this forum, or your comments directly under my movie on YouTube.

Best regards,
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