5502 gat there in the end

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5502 gat there in the end

Beitragvon patfinistere » 04.09.2006, 20:54

Hi, as promised a little update on our continuing Lanz 5506 progress.
You may remember that weere unable to attend the ploughing match a couple of weeks ago due to a suspected oiling problem.
In the end it turned out that the main taper bearings on the crankshaft were pinched up just a little too tightly. This last week overcamme that and one or two other things and finally arrived at Plougineau (N Finistère Brittany France) for the annual get together. It was good!
A photo to remind you how we found the tractor non working but suprisingly complete.
This was taken just a couple of days before wee bought the tractor August last year.
Now here it is, still unfinished, yesterday just a year later
Hope you enjoy the pics,

Best wishes, Pat
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