Regional Vintage Ploughing Brittany

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Regional Vintage Ploughing Brittany

Beitragvon patfinistere » 26.08.2006, 06:27

Yes we did get to St Caradec in Morbihan for the regionals of the French National Vintage Ploughing Championships, and the standard was good.

You ask what about the Lanz 5506?

Well the enswer is that it didn't come with us! It stayed in the tractor shed.

Reason, I was just about to load it on the trailer and I heard a scraping noise coming from the cylinder, stopped the engine and it was a screaching noise, as one took the piston up and down the cylinder.

I havn't had time to check it out as yet, but there is the possibility that there is an airlock in the oil pump, so not enough oil was getting all around the system.

I am hoping that there is no more to it than that!

Will keep you posted,

PS in three weeks we are going down to see the National Finals in the Charante.
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