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New site

Beitragvon patfinistere » 29.07.2006, 07:29

Hi it is good to see that you have brought us English speaking Lanz owners into the board, thank you very much.

I hope to use the board to get to know other Lanz owners and to speak with them. I have a 5506 of 1952 and a 2816 JD Lanz of 58, the 55 is nearing completion and the 28 is siezed since 20 years, I have owned it a year or so and have just started dismantling it to free the piston up, rebuild the big end and generally get it working again. I would like to have it working for next summer to power our Merlin Threshing Drum as it is in theory 30hp.
The front weight has been found but there are no back wheel weights and I would like to try to find some, any help?

Thanks again for the forum,
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Re: New site

Beitragvon Janobt » 07.12.2012, 12:27

Quite the Lanz collection, im new to the forum :O nice too see people from all over the place on here!
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