Fitting foot gas pedal

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Fitting foot gas pedal

Beitragvon engine john » 22.04.2008, 09:38

I have started to fit a pedal throttle to my Bulldog. Being an ex-Australian Bulldog it didn't have one. I have removed the hand throttle by cutting a piece out of the middle of the rod that goes between the side panel and gearbox. The piece came out of the panel easily but I now find that I can't pull the link rod out of the gearbox end. Is something inside the gearbox keeping it in place? I imagined that it would be a blind hole that just acted to support the link rod. I can see a bush in the hole and wondered if it was just that as the rod was removed it was tight on the bush. I do not want to pull hard to remove it without knowing what might be on the other side so I don't risk breaking any castings.

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